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Freeze Drying


Our proprietary freeze drying process is a method of drying frozen foods inside a vacuum at extremely low temperatures (without melting the ice contained in the food) so the product remains in its original uncooked state. It doesn't lose it's delicious flavor or any nutritional value in most cases.

The cell structure remains intact during drying, so it does not shrink or lose its shape. This produces a product which re-hydrates instantly when you add the water back to it, while retaining the texture and appearance of the original fresh product. Long shelf life is the norm rather than the exception because the low moisture content means shelf stability. It is not uncommon to see multiple years of shelf life on many freeze dried products.


Color retention and shape are a big benefit. Products look so much more appetizing, and have a much better feel to the palate than simply dehydrated foods. A banana still looks like a banana when it is freeze dried! Here are a few more benefits:

  • Fresh flavor tastes much better than other forms of drying
  • Nutritional value is retained
  • No need for refrigeration or any form of temperature control
  • Impervious to heat or cold
  • Light weight for easy shipping and handling
  • Long shelf life in some cases even unlimited