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Freeze Dried Fruit

Fruits are a high-moisture, generally acidic food that are relatively easy to process and that offer a variety of flavor, aroma, color, and texture to the diet. They are usually low in calories but are an excellent source of dietary fiber and essential vitamins. Owing to the presence of cellulose, pectin, and various organic acids, fruits can also act as natural laxatives. Fruits are therefore a valuable part of the diet.

Fresh fruit is typically between 75 and 95 percent water, a fact that helps to explain the refreshing character of the food. In general, fruits are acidic, with pH ranging from 2.5 to 4.5.

Freeze Dried Fruit Pieces

The most common acids in fruits are citric acid, malic acid, and tartaric acid.  All of these qualities are still present in our fruit drops.

Thanks to our innovative, fresh, and un-duplicated process we can now offer fruits in a whole new shape. We take nothing but fruits and blend them up just like you would at home.

Our unique-drop shaped fruit product is nothing but fruits…nothing added. The taste is great…the appearance is outstanding, and now the value is unbeatable. We now offer fruits on the go!

Thanks to our innovative puree process, we can offer a delicious, attractive and nutritious product at a price that is good for your budget. Would you rather eat a chocolate bar when you get that mid-morning urge…or a handful of our fruit and veggie product? How about your kids…chocolate, or fruit?