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Freeze Dried Veggie Snacks

Drying is probably the oldest method of preserving foods. The removal of water from vegetables is accomplished primarily by applying heat, whether it be through the radiant energy of the sun or through air heated by electrical energy. A major advantage of removing water is the reduction in volume and weight, which aids in storage and transportation of the dried products.

Modern drying techniques are very sophisticated. Many machines are available to perform tunnel drying, vacuum drying, drum drying, spray drying, and freeze-drying. Although freeze-drying produces a food of outstanding quality, the cost is high, and it has not been used widely in vegetable products…that is, until NOW. We have found a way to reduce this cost, and pass the savings along to retailers and consumers.

Thanks to our innovative, fresh, and un-duplicated process we can now offer veggies in a whole new shape. We take nothing but vegetables and fruits and blend them up just like you would at home.

Our unique-drop shaped veggie product is nothing but veggies…nothing added. The taste is great…the appearance is outstanding, and now the value is unbeatable. We now offer veggies on the go!

Take them in your car for vacation, pack ‘em in a lunch, or add them to your favorite trail mix. They are both delicious and good for you with no fat, sodium or cholesterol.